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Class One: Reception

Welcome to our class page...

 Welcome to the Summer Term in Reception. 


 The summer term in Class One is underway with lots of smiles and cheerful faces, which hopefully in turn will bring warm sunny weather for us all to share in our outdoor classroom.

We aim to use our outside area to its maximum potential this term and therefore would ask all parents to ensure their child has a wind/shower proof coat in school every day whatever the weather. As we are always hopeful of good weather arriving soon, we would also ask that children arrive at school ‘playtime prepared’, that is equipped with a sunhat and with sun-cream applied. We have sun protection cream in class which we can apply as necessary as a top up, please inform us if you do not want this to be used on your child.

 During this half term our topic is titled Fabulous Food. We will be talking about our favourite foods, healthy and unhealthy, and discussing the importance of food and exercise to a healthy lifestyle. We will be finding out where our food originates from, investigating changes that happen to food during the cooking process and trying to grow our own food in our garden patch. During art and craft sessions the children will be using a variety of materials to make their own representations of the food we eat, for example we hope to use modroc to produce fruit and vegetables for a role-play market stall and salt dough to create pastries for our role-play café. As part of our Understanding the World studies we will be exploring foods from other countries in particular looking at the traditional meals associated with specific countries. Through our technology studies we will be investigating the use of bar codes in supermarkets and using the computer to produce decorative menus and celebration invitations.

Our RE focus this half term is linked closely to our food topic. We will be considering special celebrations, events and places in our lives in particular looking at birthday, wedding and christening celebrations. We will be sharing stories from our bible which show how important it is to share our food with others and express thanks for the food God provides.

Throughout the summer term we hope PE sessions can be held outside whenever possible, therefore, we would ask that you send a PE kit which includes some outdoor PE shoes or trainers into school each Monday ready for the week ahead we will endeavour to send home the kit each Friday.

 Please remember to send your child to school with a summer coat and hat each day whatever the weather and apply sun-cream to start the day. Thank you.

 Mrs Borwell and Mrs Atkinson.


 To view news reports on Class One activities please click on the PDF files below.

LTP 2017-18.docx

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Our village walk 2017.pdf

A world of colour and pattern 2017.pdf

Class One celebrates Christmas 2017.pdf

Fabulous Food term 3a topic planning.pdf