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Class Four: Year 3/4

Welcome to our class page.

Year 3/4



Our Second half term’s topic is Animals including humans.

We have started our half term off with some new classmates.......our worms.  We used the soil from our last topic and made layers in a tall clear vase.  We then added the worms, along with some grass, leaves and water. We wrapped the vase with some dark card that we can lift to have a look at them. We will be observing them over time to find out what they get up to under the ground.

During our science based topic we will learn about identifying animals, find out what they need to survive and how they get nutrition from what they eat.  We will be classifying animals and creating branch diagrams about them as well as looking at food chains. We will be learning about animal skeletons, digestive systems and teeth.    

During music we will listen to, reflect and compose music linked to the carnival of the animals.  During P.E on Tuesdays, we will be doing gymnastics and in particular using the apparatus to transfer weight to different parts of our bodies.  Football skills will continue to be taught by a sport's coach on a Thursday afternoon.

In RE we will be learning about the beautiful world .

In Art we will be sketching animals in different contexts, improving our drawings and looking at famous artists who paint animals.  We will then have a go at one of our own.  If time allows we will also look at creating a 3D clay model.

In French, we will be learning animals too as well as months of the year and about Christmas.

In Geography we will be looking at Settlements and Land Use.  Look at maps of our area and learn about how places become where they are.

P.E continues to be on a Tuesday and Thursday, so please ensure that your child has their P.E kit with them for the whole week. To be prepared for all weathers, please can your child have plain, dark tracksuit bottoms, a long sleeved top and trainers, so that we can still do our P.E outside when possible. Please could your child also have black shorts, a plain white t-shirt for when we do P.E indoors.

If you have any artefacts or expertise that could help the children learn more about our topics then please let me know.


Mrs Walley